• Familiarity With the Content Life Cycle and Content Marketing Strategy

    Content Strategy and The Content Life Cycle

    Content production is a flow that is like a river, fluid and current. That is, to succeed in this field, you must persevere and move forward, despite being regular in the production and dissemination of content. Content 5 years ago, or even 2 months ago that was produced and published about the arrest of a notorious gang of jewelry thieves, is not viewed now and today.

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    Content production is, in fact, a platform for communication as well as customer acquisition. Therefore, you should pay enough attention to the concept of content life cycle, whether in the content calendar or in the content strategy, so that your audience always sees up-to-date and new content and eagerly follows your content tablet. In this article from the Digital Content Marketing and affiliate Marketing series, we are going to take a full look at the 6 steps of Content.

    What is a Content Lifecycle?

    In this mortal world, we emphasize that everything, from man to content, has a limited lifespan. Because it is not clear that the content of our website 3 years ago about the effect of sunscreen on skin health is still scientifically acceptable. Content lifecycle is a process that ranges from planning and creating ideas for content to deleting content. This cycle helps content strategists and other people who interact with content or content in a variety of ways to continually evaluate content, save time, increase content quality, and ultimately users Attract more.

    Content life cycle stages

    Any kind of content, including text, podcasts, videos, images, web pages, scientific content, etc., inevitably goes through all the following steps and finally reaches the last day of its life.

    Content pre-production stage

    This is the first step in the content lifecycle where you need to define content strategies and goals. In fact, this stage refers first to research and then to content ideation. To go to the next step, you need to draw the persona of your contacts. Find the key words and phrases of your business and answer the questions: What content does the audience like in what tone? How to create compelling content ideas? What value do audiences gain by reading this content?

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    Content production stage

    In this section, you will collect information and prepare the content you want. You need to produce quality content on time to be ready to publish according to what you have planned in the content calendar. Remember, engaging and user-friendly content can well increase your site traffic and get your website to the top of Google results.

    The stage of publishing or publishing content

    When publishing a content, you should be careful that you should first show it to a limited number of people or not advertise it. The reason for this recommendation is that you should get feedback and feedback from the audience to make sure it is published to the maximum. For example, after the publication of their book, the authors of the book provide several copies of it to the experts in order to prevent the publication of a book full of defects by receiving their opinions.

    Content promotion and promotion stage

    Sometimes your content is still useful and up-to-date after a long time, but it has been reduced over time. Here, some advertising techniques such as ad reporting, email marketing, publishing on social networks, etc. are used to increase content views.

    Content update step

    At this stage, which is the final stage of a content life, your content is still useful, but you need to update it to maintain it. For example, you published content about Google SEO and algorithms last year. But this year, Google has introduced another algorithm. So the best way is to make changes to your content based on the new algorithm and keywords and then publish it.

    Content removal step

    By following the tips in the previous 5 steps, you can edit most of your content many times and publish it after updating to prevent the content from dying. Unfortunately, some statistical or news content will eventually have to be removed from your site or web pages.

    How to extend the life cycle of a content?

    To extend the life of a piece of content, there are tips that you will have a longer cycle for an article if you follow them when producing and updating content. We will explain some of these points to you in the following.

    Do not generate content with similar keywords!

    As you know, keywords are phrases or words that users use to get the content they want in search engines. In fact, these words are the phrases or terms that the audience uses to access the content on the sites. The important thing about using them is that you should not put more than one article on your site for each keyword. Because if you are not going to update or delete your content, you will have several articles on each topic on your site. In this case, even if you have a high position in SEO, you will have to compete with yourself! This confuses Google bots and lowers your site ranking.

    Change and update keywords

    If you have good quality content on your site and you have used auxiliary keyword in addition to the main keyword, you can use the keyword change technique to update it. This means that according to the needs of the day, change the keyword of that article. To do this, you need to consider SEO tips as well.

    Another way to increase the longevity of content and improve it is to use internal and external backlinks. To do this, you can add small sections to your articles and link them to new content that you have published on your site. You can also link to relevant content on other sites from these sections.

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    But the conclusion

    If you are one of those people who have an internet business, you know very well that in order to introduce a product and attract a customer, you need to produce quality content. However, all of the content you produce is subject to a law called the Content Lifecycle. The law has six steps, and in this article, we have fully explained it and pointed out the ways to increase the life of the content you have produced.

  • 7 Important Steps How to change your job?

    Imagine choosing a field like accounting to achieve your dreams and enrolling in university. After a while, you realize that working with numbers and counting them is not what you expected from your future job! In this situation, you may conclude that you are interested in arts and activities in this field. This change is a 180 degree change that will lead to a 180 degree change in your career path . Undoubtedly, not everyone feels good about being in such a situation and constantly thinks about whether it is time to change jobs or how to change our job.

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    When is the right time to change jobs?

    Some people, when they leave their job, constantly think that they have not made a hasty decision and have left their job early! It is good to know that job change must be done at the right time and according to certain principles. In other words, not every employee is going to decide to leave their job with the slightest difficulty at work! Rather, there must be a set of conditions before it is time to change jobs. In the following we will tell you when the right time is to do this.

    When unprincipled evaluation is done

    One of the conditions that forces everyone to leave their position is that they do their job well, but they are not appreciated, or no one notices the quality of their work at all. When an employed person does his best, but no one thanks him, it causes job dissatisfaction and burnout. This gradually motivates the person and leads to leaving the job. So if you are already working in such a situation, it is probably time to change it.

    When you do not get enough pay

    Of course, not all signs of a good job can be summed up in money, but in any case, everyone needs to get paid enough for the work they do to make a living. Inadequate and underpaid salaries motivate you and reduce the quality of your work. For this reason, if you have such a problem in your work environment, it is better to think about another job!

    The collection does not progress when you detect it

    If for any reason you find that the company’s managers and agents are not performing properly and cannot grow the collection, it is better to end your cooperation with them. In fact, a company that does not thrive cannot grow you and may even lower your position. Other times when it is better to move to another job include the following:

    • When you do not learn enough.
    • When sufficient resources are not available.
    • When the job does not match your living conditions.
    • Is changing jobs good?

    You have probably seen people who, despite the difficult conditions in their workplace, continue to do so, exhausting their souls. These people are always afraid of change and worry that after leaving their current job, they will not be able to be hired elsewhere. In general, change in anything can be very fruitful; Of course, provided that you make decisions according to the principles and correctly.

    That being said, there is no single answer to the question (is a job change good?) And this change can be beneficial or destructive. Remember, a job change can be satisfying when it puts you one step ahead of your previous job and meets your expectations.

    What are the challenges of changing jobs?

    You will probably face a lot of problems when you make the decision to change jobs. These challenges can keep you from making your decision. To prevent this, it is better to get acquainted with the problems of this path before doing anything to get rid of hesitation and doubt!

    It is no longer time to change jobs!

    It is a very wrong idea to think that it is time for you to change jobs and force yourself to continue in the same situation as before. No one can predict how long you will have. So whenever you feel like you can no longer continue working, think of another job, no matter how sooner or later.

    Changing jobs is a wrong decision!

    Another challenge that every person faces when changing their job position is that they or those around them are constantly thinking that they are not doing the right thing! Undoubtedly, there is a fear of changing circumstances in every human being. In other words, many people are willing to spend the rest of their lives in difficult conditions so that they do not have to leave their safe zone. But the fact is that if the decision to change is made properly, not only is it not harmful, but it can also pave the way for a person to grow.

    Fear of starting from scratch

    Another problem with changing jobs is that in a new company, you have to start from scratch! Undoubtedly, no manager is willing to put a person he has just hired in the top ranks. But rest assured that after a short time and according to your experience and expertise, you will be in the rank you deserve.

    I may not find a job!

    One of the most annoying thoughts when leaving a job is the fear of being unemployed. It is good to know that if you are competent enough in your work, there are always groups that are eager to hire you. So the fear of this is futile.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of changing jobs?

    A change of job position can both cause positive changes in a person’s life and may have negative effects. Whether the effect is positive or negative depends entirely on the circumstances in which you made the decision. Undoubtedly, if your decisions are hasty and irrational, it will lead to disadvantages such as periodic unemployment, depression, blaming others, being in a lower position, and so on. But if you can make that decision quite logically, there will certainly be dramatic changes in your progress. Some of these positive effects are:

    • Improving personal living conditions
    • Achieving a higher job position
    • Achieving job satisfaction
    • Get hired in the job you are interested in
    • Gain more experience
    • What steps should be taken to change jobs?

    In this article, we want to tell you that changing jobs is not only possible, but if you want, you can get the job you want with the right actions. So if you have come to the conclusion that it is time to change your job, we will explain the necessary steps for you in the following.

    Look for your determination!

    One of us may one day find ourselves in a situation where we are not satisfied with our current job and we are not satisfied with changing jobs! In this situation, instead of drowning in your own troubles, you need to accept the risk of change and work to find a new job. It may seem a little disappointing to find that one day you are dissatisfied with your job and not feeling well. But unless you take the risk of change, you probably won’t be feeling well. Failure to face the dangers of change puts you in a situation where you always feel insecure and unsuccessful.

    Flaming change

    To do this, you need to be determined and move on to another job, choose a different job, endure failure, re-select and retry to get the best choice. Along the way, you may not feel good and anxious until you get the job you want, but when you finally get the job you want, you will find that your efforts are not in vain, and you will experience job satisfaction.

    When you feel ready to change jobs and you can pursue your goals, you should look for the job you want. Of course, you do not mean to search for any profession or job or to return to your previous profession! Therefore, not knowing the goal clearly from the beginning will cause you to get caught in an incomplete cycle and constantly experience this fragile process of job change.

    Your job search should be one in which you test your abilities and skills. This process can be the use of a personal assessment tool or an assessment test such as MBTI. You can also gain a great deal of self-awareness by talking to people who are acceptable to you for advice and counseling. The purpose of doing this is to achieve self-awareness and ultimately career goals. Then you have to look at the facts to get out of the proud job change process. At this point you come to the realization that your goal is logical or not? Is the goal right for you or can you achieve it?

    Prepare your resume

    The field you have chosen for your future job may be completely different from your current job and you have no experience with it in any new website and area. However, each person has a set of transferable skills, and these skills are usually what every manager expects from their employees. Relevant experts have stated that highlighting and clarifying skills will be very effective in changing jobs and getting a new job. After several years of starting, training or studying in your chosen field, you will find that you have easily acquired skills such as the following:

    • Change management: The ability to control change
    • Communication: The skill of building relationships, managing conflicts, and influencing through positive methods
    • Leadership: Putting different people on the right teams according to the future perspective
    • Problem Solving: The ability to reach significant opportunities through difficulties

    Write and modify a resume

    In this step, you need to take a look at the field or the new job you have chosen and determine which category of jobs is most relevant to the skills you have. Highlight any skills related to your job in your resume. Keep in mind that when writing or updating your resume, it is important to list your skills in full and do not ignore any of them. We also suggest that you pay attention to what you have achieved in your previous job. For example, if you have already managed to change jobs, mention it in your resume.

    Do not ignore the great importance of networking!

    Effective attendance at conferences, seminars, and networking sessions will give you the opportunity to interact with people in your field of work. It also gives you the courage to state your purpose for changing jobs and to ask activists to answer the question (How do we change our jobs?). You need to know that it is not enough to just change jobs, but to achieve the goal you need to talk to yourself, tell people on the network that you are definitely looking for a new job and take steps in this direction. These steps can include tasks such as attending related classes, learning the required skills, and so on.

    Through networking, you will learn what jobs will not help you in the field of job change and will save time and energy. Undoubtedly, everyone is eager to network, but it is better to be a little patient and not in a hurry to communicate with people! Although it is said that direct speech is very important in business, sometimes this direct speech seems rude and unprofessional. In other words, if you ask someone you just met to introduce you to your favorite job, your behavior will seem completely unprofessional. Especially if it has not been a few minutes since your appointment! Remember that networking is about building a beneficial relationship to achieve future goals, not finding a magic lamp to fulfill your dreams!

    Do not limit your networking!

    Our advice to you is to never limit your thinking to a particular profession and give yourself a chance to try the activity and even think about other professions. To this end, having a wide network of people with different abilities and beyond your skills, gives you the opportunity so that your future career path is not limited to specific jobs. Also, instead of specifically looking to expand your network, try to find a way to connect with people who are active in your field of work or study.

    You can start expanding your activities even in the morning by associating with people who are exercising. Participating in philanthropy is also very effective in expanding your network. It should be noted that networking and expansion here is not just about talking to people and finding the job you are looking for, but you should also expand the circle of people you know.

    Consider informative interviews

    Informational interviews are the conversations that take place with professionals and experienced people in any job, and you can ask them your questions. Do not confuse this conversation with a job interview in any way; Because this question and answer is done only for the purpose of obtaining the desired information. As you choose a new job, you should include talking to professionals in the jobs you want. These people will help you learn how to get into your area of ​​interest and influence the interviewers, and let you know about the maze of the career you have chosen.

    In this model of conversation, it is better not to factor in any questions and to say whatever you have in mind. People who are interested in and satisfied with their job usually tend to talk about their path to success. So if you ask such people for an informational interview, be sure that they do not turn a blind eye to you and provide you with useful information.

    Do not be afraid to ask!

    Imagine that you have finally found the job of your dreams, prepared your resume in principle, and obtained the necessary information through experienced people. But you are still afraid to apply for cooperation with the new organization, because they may reject your request! This is a wrong and toxic thought, because no one can get to their favorite job by first applying and sending a resume!

    Find the most suitable job

    If something in your current workplace makes you unhappy, we recommend that you do what makes you feel good. For example, if you want to work with a particular company, send your resume immediately. Do not forget that receiving a resume rejection message is better than doing nothing! In other words, the energy you get from sending a resume to your favorite company is much more than doing nothing for your success. When writing and completing a resume, try to highlight your skills and abilities in a way that has the greatest impact on the interviewers and managers of the organizations.

    The final word

    Are you one of those people who, for a thousand and one reasons, have made the decision to change jobs, but do not know what to do and are looking for an answer to the question (How to change our job?)?! All you have to do to get started is set a goal. Then take the steps, one at a time, according to the stated goal. You may not be satisfied with the salary you receive in your current job, or work in a particular field may not suit your mood. After all, all of this and the like is a solid reason to change jobs that you should take seriously.